Autumn is coming…..

so let’s finally release the Toadstool pattern I wrote over a year ago!! where does time go. This is a very fun little knit that uses up scraps of squish whilst allowing you freedom to craft your own colour pallet.

Pick up the pattern on my patterns page.

It's true, I am in love with colourful, speckled Squish! 

Hi! I'm Kate and I hand dye yarn in my Farm house in the UK and ship it all over the world.


Knitting Patterns

Of course I have written down some of my patterns which are available in my shop and are an excellent way of using my squish! come and knit tubes with me!


World Wide Shipping

 I ship all over the world and your squish is wrapped up in a spotty red bag! which I'm sure you have guessed is my favourite pattern!


Car Park Chat

 I love talking about yarn....squishing it, dyeing it, stroking it and crafting with it, you can find me blathering on about my yarn obsession on my Car Park Chats on Instagram.


Would you like to join my Colour Collectors Club? every month I will send you 5 new colours to try ........... for more information have a look at the 'clubs' page.

I love chatting about yarn so I am always up for catching up on the latest wip! you can also see what Im currently working on and dyeing up whilst I wait for Minnie on the School run. Available in my Stories and my archive on my profile.

You can buy my yarn though my website shop, it will be updated every 2 weeks

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