Scrappy madness........ the secret to stash busting!


Scrappy socks, scrappy scarfs, tubes of all kinds and crochet treats are just some of the things you can make with all of those small pieces of squish left in your stash..........My most favourite things ever is of course to knit tubes....... which in turn turn into things! 




Where do I start?

I have designed a few simple patterns that will encourage you to knit tubes if you have never done so before, socks if you have managed a tube and some colour work if you fancy taking it a little further, but essentially, you don't have to look far for some amazing inspiration!

I have been putting together some fabulous boards of super inspiring makes from all over the world to help give you some inspiration to take you further with your knitting than you would have gone before. Colour is so impactful on our wellbeing that it really is empowering to work with colours you wouldn't necessarily 'wear' out on a normal day!

Take me to Kates Pinterest!




bue layered cake.jpg

When in doubt........

don't look when you choose your next colour....whats the worst that can happen?


Scrappy Socks!

If you are going to talk about scrappy makes then I must insist on scrappy socks! there was a time when I wouldn't dream of trying socks, but once I found my perfect needles, 9" 2.25mm circular needles, I have never looked back..........and probably knit tubes ever since!

The most exciting thing for me about scrappy socks is that ever sock could be its own little thing........ if you haven't noticed, I only ever knit one sock, which means I really really enjoy the process of selecting the colours and going with the flow.

I use the same pattern for all of my socks and you can find it as a free download in the shop section.


Scrappy Crochet

Nothing lends it self better to working with Wonderfull, scrappy bits of yarn than crochet! Crochet was my first yarn love and it appealed to me mostly due to its stash buster factor! I like to make it up as I go along however, I have found lots of fabulous crochet inspiration which is over on my Pinterest.


Never ending scrappy scarf.....with pompoms!

This is my version of the Alliteration scarf that can be found on Ravelry!

I use 3.5mm needles, Circular, Cast on 100 stitches in your favourite sock yarn and knit knit knit!

I didn't create a rib on mine instead I just knit in the knit stitch and attached a pompom to add some weight to the end of the scarf whilst I knit.

My sock yarn is 4ply and I have not used one colour more than once in my scarf. This really is the ultimate stash busting scarf! how long will you make yours? I think I may stop when I get to 100 different colours.


Scrappy Treats

It is no secret that I am obsessed with knitting and crocheting all kinds of doughnuts and cakes! I am teaming up with the wonderful Susan from @BitsandBobbles on Instagram to show you what delights you can create from confectionary inspired squish!

Patterns will follow.


Scrappy Wrist Warmers

Of course I would be recommending another tube project! If socks are just a bit far out of your comfort zone but you would like to build your way towards making one then a Wrist Warmer is the way to go!

you can download a free pattern in the shop section and it really is a perfect stash busting project. As with my socks, I never make two the same, makes the squish stretch further!


Gobstopper scrapies

I spend a lot of time around yarn so I am often finding new ways of organising and storing squish! if you have some unruly bundles of squish you may like to make them into gobstopper balls of squish! if you have a dolly peg then you are all set to go! I will be uploading a video to the website soon to show you how to do this, you can also find it in Car Park Chats on my Instagram.


with oodles of scrapies in mind!


Drawstring Bag

this was my first bag I made especially for the ridiculous amounts of scrappy squish I had! this is super simple to make, made from a circle that when the drawstring is untied it becomes completely flat, perfect for selecting your next colour in your scrappy project.If you have a look at my Pinterest account you will find tutorials and other types of drawstring bags that would be perfect for your stash busting needs!


Drawstring Tab bag

If you find that your stash is busting at the seams then try this bag! modelled on a Lego bag and many toy bags I have made for the girls and opens up completely flat, with the whip of the drawstring its closed! perfect! you can also find instructions on how to make this type of bag on my Pinterest too.


Snap closure bucket bag.

This is my latest bag design that has helped me not only store my scrapy squish, it folds in a number of different ways to allow this bag to open fully as a bowl and to also be closed to create its own handle, which is perfect for knitting whilst walking. I will write a tutorial for this bag in the future and it will be available on my website for you.