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Progress update

Hello Squishers!

September Club had Shipped

7th of September.

If you would like to know more about the Squish it First Club, you can find in the 'Clubs' section above.


Tube Along?!

If you watch my Car Park Chats then you would have heard me wobble on about a Tube Along..........as if were all honest.......its my forte!! Tubes!

When both the girls are back in School and I can get my knit together then I will let you know the details........I may even host a group on Ravelry!

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For those who like a surprise!

50 grams Squishie Skeins of sock yarn are so versatile, they are great for socks, shawls, trims, gloves........ toys, you name it!

I have a new listing available in both of my shops for mystery dip sets of 2x 50 gram sock skeins which will be chosen at random, they are perfect if you would like to try something you may not have picked for yourself, also fab as a gift!


New pattern Releases

Hooray! I can't believe it, it has been quite some time since I first knit this pattern but it will be released this month!

There will be two separate patterns and some squishy kits that will be available to purchase at the same time.

Join Squish mail to find out when it is released.


Crochet Doughnut Pattern release.

This squishy, calorie free treat will be available as a free downloadable pattern in the shop this month.