Scrappy socks and a brand new bag!


It has been a little while since I made my last truly scrappy sock, you know the ones, where you only use your scraps up and no new squish! so I have decided to join Blueberryfields Scrappy Sock knit along on Instagram. So I grabbed a bundle of my yarns, non of them were striping in any way as I wanted at least to have an overall feeling to them, speckle tactic is where I was going and I wanted to look at blending.

I have been really inspired by designing knitted pieces that make the most of all those little bits, so with these socks I just went with the flow. I have no idea why I have never done vertical striping before but after my first sock, I thought it would be a perfect way to blend some of those colours together, which always inspires. new colour combinations. there is not enough time in the world to try out all of the colour combos that are possible, so this little canvas was perfect!


Knitting these socks has been pure is now, it wasn't quite so fun to begin with as I found it really hard to choose the next colour, simply as I had to hunt around in my bag for the little bits and they were getting crazy tangled. I remembered I made my girls a giant play mat when they were really young which essentially was a circle with drawstrings so you could just pull it all together......


Not one to wait, Im also here by myself as Jon has taken Minnie to Portsmouth so I tend to get a little fidgety...........I have totally re organised the Wool room (thats its real name!) and at 11.30pm on Friday I was sitting on the floor sewing this up because I just couldn't wait! I have an abundance of spots and red stuff and of course toadstools, so naturally thats how my bag went!


its perfect! seriously it really is and I even started my second (not matching of course) sock because I wanted to use my bag. its funny how finding problems with the way you work just gets you to find ways to make the task more enjoyable. its also reversible, which is very handy, otherwise in the wrong bag or the wrong place and the spots just camouflage in with all the other red spotty stuff............. I did have a red spotty bag with 6 red spotty other bags in it and it was impossible! spot blindness!


Talking about spot blindness.........I can never have too many spots, I am just rolling with it as it brings me such joy. I have been going a little dotty over putting spots into things, lots of socks, wrist warmers and hats. I am building confidence for a small jumper or cardigan and feel like the time spend practicing and working on this small scale will help me in the long run. you should be seeing some more versions of this pattern soon as the pattern is heading out to the testers. I had so many replies to my test knitter request that anyone who I didn't get a chance to work with this time I have added you to my test knitter list. I will have lots more, they are so much fun to design.


I designed my first ever pattern when Tabby was almost 1, I guess from then until now it has been pretty full on, so it feels good to finally be in a place where I can use those other bits of my brain that all night feeds, no sleep ever and learning on the job how to run a business from home.......with two small people.......who clearly inspire me in more than one way.


I have been busy gradually adding colours to my shop this year, my newest collection is the 100's n 1000's collection which first appeared ion my 2017 Advent calendars, but they were a real favourite of mine so I decided to release them in the shop. I now do 50gram skeins so if 100 grams is just too much then 50grams is perfect, you can definitely get a pair of socks out of them!


It has been very cathartic starting a new collection, last year I created over 250 different repeatable colour ways,  so this year I will be adding some of them back to the shop. Pop Fizzles are high on the list of most requested so those will be the next one to make an appearance!

I have been having so much fun lately, if you run your own business or are thinking of doing it (you should!) then you will know that there are so many things that go into running it, and its not all about making the things that you love, there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done all the time. so I have come up with a solution that may work well for me (and you if your into this type of stuff) and involves getting an assistant. it sounds glorious doesn't it, someone who organises you, tells you all the things you need to do and makes sure things don't fall through the cracks and releases you to focus on the most fun part, yarn dyeing and pattern designing. the more I thought about it the better it sounded, but my assistant isn't really someone else, although I have given her a name, its Gloria. Gloria is actually me from 6.15-7.30 am every day and full days on Monday and Friday! yep! I haven't got a real assistant but after I wrote down all of the things that needed doing I realised that wearing a different hat would probably help me feel more organised. 

So far, she started work officially this morning as I have spent the last three days writing her job description and yesterday she made lots of templates and lists so that she could start her first day on a good footing, and so far its actually really helped! because to imagine one person can do it all is a bit mad, but if I pretend that I have another job, as Gloria, and she can do all those super important things, like stock taking, order tracking, emailing etc than I can be freed up to be Kate when I'm dying squish, and not trying to do everything all the time, which will make anyone feels crazy. you could say developing an alter ego who is your personal assistant a bit crazy but until I find my real Gloria I have me. it does mean I can blame someone if something doesn't get done which makes me laugh!! Il let  you know how her induction goes and if she is a keeper........ I hope so!

how do you manage all the things all the time? 

I am off to get the babe ready for bed and knit a bit on my sock before I transform into Gloria in the morning and Kate for the rest of the day because I have a full dye day planned as Jon will be home. I love painting ............ I will also be belting out the tunes as singing really makes me feel free! I don't even care if the postman hears me!

Kate xxx