Taking some time to reflect



March was a landmark month for me and my family, it has been a year since I left my full time job in education, to run my own business and commit to spending more time with my family.  There are so many reasons why I chose do to this, babies, car accident, the feeling of not going anywhere, ever, in my job, but I couldn't do any of it without the support of my husband, who just trusted that  feeling I had about painting yarn was going to last long enough for this to be a new way of life for us.


The colour of March

The colour of March


It has been the most exciting, liberating, challenging and sometimes utterly, utterly exhausting experiences, like today.............my tank is truly empty! but theres not a day gone by, truly, where I even consider that I made the wrong decision because even at my worst, I'm at home with my family. which is what I realised about my last job, theres just no room for women in my area of work to have a young family. no body cares if you have literally not slept because you have a 5 month old baby and a two year old. no one cares that every 8pm meeting that means I get home at 9pm and its another night where I haven't seen my children and don't see them again until they wake up......and thats if they wake up before I leave. it was just getting more than a grind and the life I had wasn't the life I wanted. I would advise anyone who wanted to leave, to leave, id help them work on exit strategies, make it feel real and possible. but I think I was the one who wanted to leave the most. and one day, I just did. never looked back, couldn't wait to be rid of the old me and just life my life with freedom, creative freedom, as the job I thought I would be in for ever........made my art dull.......I stoped being excited and optimistic and I guess my creative practice reflected that. When I had my daughters, I felt it come back and I just ran with it.




I guess that why I really love being a parent. I don't really get a chance to get stuck in a predictable routine, which means theres never two days the same and they find new things to be excited about all the time, some of you may notice that a lot of my yarn reflects the stuff my girls are into, Trolls and Ponies! ha! seriously, I watched Trolls twice today, even I look forward to seeing it!




This month is my Birthday month and also Easter holidays, which for the first time in my life I can appreciate it, as my big girl is home, and running a business and a family means that I have got to be realistic about what we can all achieve, as its tricky enough when she is in pre- school, so I decided to shut the shop so that I can have some time to focus on getting my outstanding orders out of the door, spend time with my family and try and get a bit of rest, which is proving elusive with the girls both being ill....... typical.....always the holidays! but theres also a lot of egg hunts and birthday parties going on this month, we had both today which was fab! so just being available to do these things is priceless! even if I do feel like a zombie.


April Colour way

April Colour way

so whats been happening this month in my yarn mind? chocolate and Easter eggs! I have been getting very carried away with this months colours which just look edible to me, and I have been knitting socks, a new shawl and trying a few new techniques in my surprise clubs which always keeps thing exciting for me. 

I have been working hard this last month to move into a new way of working which involves having limited spaces for surprise clubs (this month its Trolls!! which I am drying ready to be wound!) and having a big ready to ship update and those minis create havoc in my order system so that has allowed me to create some really exciting new colour combos and I can't wait to share them with you! its just been refreshing to put the breaks on , re-evaluate and say focused on whats really important, colour and family! family and colour! and it feels like progress. 


Candied Egg treat boxes

Candied Egg treat boxes

There have been a lot of changes to how I run my little shop so if you would like to know whats happening, or when my Scrappy sock kits, minis and surprise clubs will go up then you can subscribe to my mailing list, il be using IG to let you know when things are happening but this month you will see a lot of knitting, my girls and also some of the amazing things you guys have been making with my yarn.  


I have had. quite a lot of you tell me not to spend my break dying yarn, which is hard but I am definetly slowing down, as when you have small people its kinda hard to not to give into whats happening around you, like last night, 3am my littlest stopped crying and finally went to sleep, albeit with me ending up in the cot with her, needles to say, not the best sleep and cots really don't do anything for my back! yikes! so today I'm feeling a bit like Im not really with it, you know ? (if you have children, I know you know!). so todays job is to dye up yarn, wind for orders Im getting out on Saturday (my post office isn't open all this week) iv already tied up 80 skeins for tomorrows dye so wish me luck for sleep, iv got an early start to make some more headway on those orders. I won't be opening my dyed to order section for a little while until Im definitely making some good progress and I'm up to date, I just need some space to get my head down and get the squish out of the door, things just suddenly got very busy and I need to prioritise those of you who already have orders with me before I open my dyed to order listings again.

But.......this month I will be releasing the pre- order for my Advent minis which will ship around October, so I want to be prepared so Il let you know more about this soon as I know some of you would like an idea about price etc.

Also....... are you going to Wonder Wool Wales this year?

have a fabulous Easter weekend, I hope its filled with chocolate and not colds.............