its about time for a change

for quite sometime I have been considering a change in the direction of my little corner of squish here in the country, balancing my life wit yarn and family is a huge job and recently, I have seen my order numbers climb in ways i never expected and suddenly find the yarn is slowly taking over my life, and not all in a good way. I'm answering messages and all sorts every hour of the day and every day i a yarn day which means I'm squeezing out my family for the love of wool.

if you have been with me on instagram, you will be aware that I am changing the way things work for all of us, that me and my family and you as a customer. I really need more structure in my life so that I can keep my priorities in order which is to spend quality time with my family and to continue to love and be obsessed with yarn.

Many of you may not know, but I reached the decision to run my own business and be with my husband and my girls not long after I had a pretty bad car accident, 6 months after having my first baby whilst I was on my way home from work. I broke most of my bones including my back and was very very lucky to even wake up in my car let alone know that I will be able to see my husband and my daughter again.

So......... I always have to remember why I'm here and why I'm doing this, which is why I have needed to change how it all works so that things behind the scenes are more efficient and you have more choice about how you order your yarn and when it will arrive.

I have changed my site to show you what is available, each section gives you an overview of the clubs etc, but essentially, I will be doing all mini skeins, treat boxes, scrappy sock kits etc through a Ready to Ship Update. Clubs will be limited and instead of running through the month they will be released on the 1st and won't go back up once the limited numbers have sold. these will ship within two weeks which is tons better for you and for me!

My Dyed to order has been increased to 8 weeks and has all of my colour ways available to buy.

I will be selling exclusively through my Etsy Shop from now on so that is the only place you can find me.

mostly, I really want to stay here and make yarn, I hope we can all ride the wave of change and within a few months I expect to see a big shift in both my Homelife and business.


these guys are why I do it and I need to make sure its sustainable...........

if your still here, thank you so means the world to me! I truly cannot express to you have valuable every message, comment, purchase and contact I have had with you. xxx