Knitting needle bangles

Make your own. 


So........... If you have found yourself here....... You too must have at least one pair of plastic needles, either given to you, car bootied or hoarded, sitting around waiting to be somethig spectacular! 

this may be the project for you. I promise that it is the easiest piece of jewellery you will ever make and it will change the way you look at knitting needles forever!


all you need is the following -  


✔️ plastic needles - you probably already have them in your stash, go get them! 

✔️sacucepan and baking tray  

✔️tape - this is so that you can stop the plastic moving. 

✔️tongs - i have aesbestos fingers but togs are a essential for fishing the needles out of the boiling water. 

✔️ water - to boil needles  

✔️ stove top

✔️ oven gloves/tea towel - the plastic is super hot and this just helps when forming the plastic. 

✔️ rolling pin - or something that is similar to the shape of your wrist.



to make these bangles you will be using boiling water to heat the plastic to make it maleable. Not melt. Really bendy! So grab yourself a turkey tray, id recommend it as you can immerse the whole needle all at the same time rather than waiting for your needle to soften like some spaghettie!

Its worth mentioning briefly a bit about plastic forming and plastic memory, as this will stop you feeling like its all gone horribly wrong and realising its normal. Plastic memory is the ability for a material to return to its original state upon re-heating. This is important as what you will be doing is changing the form of the plastic using heat. if you bend the plastic and re-emerse it in boiling water it will return back to its origional state, thus, no bangle!

Put your needle into boiling water and turn up the heat to keep it boiling. you can test it as often as you like to see how bendy it it, dont worry it wont turn into melted plastic.

get your tape, tongs and gloves/teatowel ready, fish out the needle and bead it around your rolling pin/former and try and get it into a round shape. 


Every needle is made from different plastic and some will be more supple than others, my green one was soooo supple i could even bend the tip of the needle, this blue one was a lot stiffer.  


Hold your needle in its new shape either long enough for it to cool, or hold it and dunknit in cold water. You will notice it will stop wanting to move back to its origional shape and will stay put. You can now use the saucepan as your needle will fit nicely in the bottom.


You may be able to bend the bangle all in one go, or it may take a few baths, more tape to hold the new shape in place for you to get the shape you want. See there in the picture above, i put tape in the areas which i want to keep the same. Even when re-heated, the tape is enough to hold that shape and then you can just concerntrate on shaping the rest. 


Here is the bangle in the finished shape, the end of this needle did not want to move but I quite like it! Once i got the final shape, i cooled it in cold water, removed the tape, dried it off and put it on! Its that easy! 


What are you waiting for? Go get the needles! Just remeber the following - 

✔️your bracelet does not need to be perfetly round to be awesome, oval, knotted, works for me!

✔️lots is surely better, plus you probably have a decent stash of these already!  

✔️wear them straight away, instant jewellery. Homemade at that!  

✔️every time you see plastic colourful needles, dont think 'do i need another pair!?' Think ' i dont have that size, colour, style needle bracelet yet, i must have it!'  

 ✔️please tag me in your attempts or finished bangles, Id love to see if made any, or indeed, how many you made!

✔️dont be stingy - i know ypu have knitting friends who will want one, buy all the needles!, make all the bangles!

✔️have fun, oh and try not to burn yourself in the excitement.