What is it really like?

I often look at those instagram accounts and wonder- what is their life really like? You know, when all the beautiful pictures are take away and the craziness of life is exposed. What's it really like? Well, for me.............it's not as serine as the pictures of the knitting I post, although this actually does happen, when the girls are in bed and I between going up to feed the little one and sitting down, I actually do knit! And it's my therapy.



Every one has got different ideas of what working for yourself looks like, for me, it was all about being close to my little family. My full time job took me out of the house at 7.30 and back when my girls were in bed, and i missed it all. We were lucky to be able to have one of us stay at home full time, so it felt worth it. Being my own boss was something I always joked about, I guess I never thought I'd ever be brave enough to ever do it, but 3 years ago, just as my first baby turned 6 months and I had been back at work 3 weeks, I had a car accident not far from home. I spent days in a coma and broke most things including my back , my shoulder, all my ribs on my left and my pelivs in three places. Yay! Needles to say, I was away from my family for a long time, and when I did return home i was in a wheelchair and as soon as I could walk again I had to go back to work. After my second baby, it didn't feel right. I didn't want to miss what I almost didn't have, which was my husband and my girls. so, I dyed more yarn...and then lots more..... I knitted every second I had and joked that my ideal job would be knitting for a living!! Ha! People in work would look at me like the crazy yarn lady who spent her lunch break knitting or winding minis or crocheting. I didn't care. I left my full time job and here i am. I just jumped off the edge and I have never looked back. Both me and my husband ( who really is essential, he organises me and our life) work on my yarn full time and around the girls. Which sometimes means working late into the evening if it means we create a few hours the next day to do things together, or we time a park visit into the post run so that spend our time together.



But, it's not always Rainbow Sherbets and unicorns here, dying yarn is an amazing job, I never get tiered of dying the same colour way, or getting excited of trying a new technique or colour, but, I do this alongside having my two girls who are with us all the time. It does mean that however many hours sleep if had ( last night....2) I don't have to get up, drive 45 mins to work, and have to be on show and perform. I love hiding being all the squishy yarn posts because my last job put me front row and centre every day, which was exhausting. Probably why I like living in the countryside.......it's calm and quiet......no one is knocking my door when I'm eating my lunch or needing a tutorial...... It's just dying yarn, knitting, small people, and more yarn.

It's a way of life, IV always made stuff and this honestly is the best job that I never even knew I had applied for,. I have never liked working for anyone, like really not liked it, so this has been a huge learning curve. I'm everything, yarn dyer, photographer, admin, packer, poster.......mum, wife and all the other stuff, which often involves cleaning, washing, shopping and the rest of life's needs. When no one is getting any sleep because someone is teething, or has a cold, and another one, sometimes I would like to hide under a pile of yarn. To sleep.......... And knit, but it's worth it. I'm with my family.

Being your own boss has meant having a work schedule, dying days, winding days, packing days, email hours..... remembering that there needs to be some boundaries, for me, in the last few days it's been turning of email notifications, so that I can dedicate time to sit down and read emails rather than have my phone beep at me all the time, or checking IG a certain time when I can sit down and catch up without someone needing me, it's all part of trying to keep the reason we did this in the first place right at the heart of all our decisions. Even if it means that some weeks I feel like I'm playing the catch up game, because the week before was lost to life stuff!

So whenever you see one of those accounts that just make you wonder, I'm pretty sure they are just coping with the craziness life is throwing at them, and trying to focus on the motivating, positive things, with the hope of meeting someone like you! We all start somewhere, the learning is endless and sometimes the grass really is greener!