Some tips and ideas


Circular Needles

My most used needles are my 2.25mm circular 9" needles. Before I found these I wouldn't even think of knitting socks, if you can get to grips with them they are fabulous! there are a number of reasons why I like them....

They improve knitting speed.

Perfect for knitting and walking.

Needles don't slip out easily.

Perfect for a portable project.

A great project to try out your tube and circular knitting skills on is this free pattern below.


Simple colourwork

I am not a brave knitter and I love colour work but I also like simplicity! if you have never tried colour work but would like to dip your toe in the water, try something simple with two colours. practice the same pattern to improve your tension and build your confidence for something a little more complicated.


Keeping it simple.

if there is one thing I can admit to, and that is that I pretty much only like knitting the knit stitch, on circulars! which means over time I have learned that an easy way of making simple knitting look striking is to choose a yarn that is designed for socks. I create lots of yarns that pools in section to create a stripe like effect or you can look for a self striping yarn from one of the amazing indie dyers out there, there are so many to choose from! grab a bit of contrast colour for heels, cuffs and toes and you are away!


Afterthought Heel

I am not fabulous at reading patterns, so heels remained a mystery to me until I learned of the afterthought heel. It allows you to knit a whole tube, the whole sock and then you just add the heel! perfect! its a great heel if you are using stripy yarns or patterned yarns that should not be disturbed when adding the heel.


for a fabulous tutorial, follow the link to take you to Louise Tillbrooks Blog to demistify the afterthought heel!