Hello Squishers!!!

I am completely crazy about yarn, which means that I am often either dyeing it, packing it or knitting with it or answering lots and lots of questions about squish! Gloria suggested (if you haven't met Gloria she does appear on Car Park Chats and is my Admin boss ) that I write about all of the questions I get so instead of you waiting for a reply, you can see if its here. if its not, feel free to shoot me a message over on my email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the Origin of your yarn?

My Squish comes from Peru.


How often do you ship?

As I no longer have a shipping company collecting Squish, I now ship twice a week via drop and go at the post office, which is 45 minutes away. Your order will be shipped as soon as it is dried and re wound and packaged and dispatched when it gets dropped off at the post office.


Can you track my parcel?

All squish is shipped on standard mail and once it has left the UK, it cannot be tracked. Get in touch with me if your squish is being a snail in the mail.

if you would like to track your parcels you can contact me about additional postage costs. If your order is over £150 I will ship your squish on tracked mail for free.


Squish is shipped via Royal Mail.


Proof of postage?

I use a shipping company to ship my squish, which means that the proof of postage you will recieve will be from their records, which will show your name, date of dispatch and the weight.


From the 28th of August onwards, your mail will be shipped via Royal Mail and will have a post office proof of postage available.


Where is the best place to contact you?

if its about an order from my website, use info@kateselene.co.uk

For Etsy enquiries contact me via Etsy

if its anything else you can use the email above.

I would ask you not to use Intasgram or Facebook (as I am never on there) to contact me regarding a squishy order, its not a good platform that ensures I see your message.


How long will it take for you to reply to an email?

I will make every effort to reply to your email within 3 days, please feel free to send me a nudge, I always want to make sure I see your email and get back to you as soon as possible. I Spend the weekends with my family and will pick emails early in the week.


Do you have a pattern for your sock scarfs?

I have been influenced by the Alliteration scarf pattern on Ravelry and I will have my version available on here for you to use for free.


Where can I find Car Park Chats?

On my Intasgram page, there is a link to it on the welcome page.


Why dye do you use?

l use Jaquard dyes and largely mix my own colours.


Whats that lovely smell on your yarn?

I'ts a secret!


Will you do Tutorials?

not any time in the future, there are so many wonderful artists out there like Nicole Frost from Frost yarn, who do an excellent job  and Nicole can be found on Youtube.


Are you on Youtube?

I am, but not as often as I would like, so I would expect you may see more of me!


Do you do wholesale?

No. I have no plans in the future to do so either.


Is your yarn available in Shops?

It is only available online through my website and my Etsy shop.


Do you do any trade shows?

I never leave the house! so no.... hehehehe



All of my Advents sold out in February, I cannot guarantee I will do them next year but I will have something exciting planned I am sure!


Can I copy your Bag patterns?

Sure! they are super easy to make and if I have found their design to add value to my crafting experience than I would love for you to experience that too. I have made some boards on my Pinterest account to give you some inspiration on project bags. I would of course love to see them so do let me know.


What needles and patterns are best for your yarn?

I use a 2.25 mm needle for my sock yarn when I knit socks and a 4mm needle when knitting my giant tube scarf with sock. I use a 4mm of my DK.


Do I do Collaborations?

sometimes! I am always open minded!