The Rainbow Club


The Rainbow Club

from 12.00 every month

This Rainbow Club is for anyone who needs to bring some colour into their life! each month, for 7 months, I will send you 5 colours that match that months rainbow colour, e.g., 5 colours in the Purple theme.

Ships at the end of each month.

Sock yarn is the base for this club.

75% sw 25% nylon

400mt per 100grams

All colours will be chosen from my whole range of colours, so this is a perfect club if you have never tried my yarn before, or if you would like to recieve colour kits each month that help you create a vibrant Rainbow array of crafted items, or even to work on that one special piece.

yarns will be chosen from a range of my styles to create a vibrant mix of squish that can be used for a variety of projects.

You can join during any month and if you continue for 7 months you will have the whole rainbow.

I will be updating Pinterest with some fab ideas on what to do and I will be using these colours in my own projects.

I wil show previous months colours on Instagram.

pack size: