My Slub obsession.......and a Spotty KAL

Yohoo Squishers!

Iv missed chatting to you, even today was so packed! Im missing my CPC sessions, its a bit like therapy…….but in my car! I always have so much to talk to you about and never enough time! In the last two weeks have been full of Slub knitting, Slub knitting, Knitting so much that onto of all the squish work I do ( its a bit like weight lifting with all the wet yarn! hehe!) I managed to really upset my shoulders leading to me having to take a few days off knitting…… can you believe it! But I had lots of super things to try out to keep me busy.

Sluby Cowl knitting, pairing it with Sock yarn to marl it together to create a super squishy base.

Sluby Cowl knitting, pairing it with Sock yarn to marl it together to create a super squishy base.

As you know I love circular needles and I have small hands, so I was over the moon when I found a set of short, interchangeable needles on Amazon from Knit Picks. my only reservation was that I didn’t want to have two sets of needles, as I already have a NOVA set ,that didn’t all work together, so I took a chance and I was delightfully rewarded! both set of my needles, from different brands all fit each other.This means I have a huge range of possibilities for my knitting that I didn’t have before.

I also found an awesome little starter pack of circular needles, which I bought two packs of, as you get a few different types of tips that are in my most used sizes, and it was nice to try a few different materials for needles. when first began knitting on the round, I purchased a bamboo set off Ebay, they were great and I would recommend anyone who is interested in trying circular needles, try those, they are really inexpensive, and if you like them then you can upgrade.

I like to keep all my knittings projects to be on the round, I find it to be the most transportable type of knitting, everything from a sock to a jumper, although jumpers are a tad heavier to carry! but, I started this type of knitting when I used to carry Tabby around in a sling when she was a baby, it meant that I didn’t have to even see what I was knitting, I could knit under my bump without poking anybody! any way……. Circular knitting, I love it!


and talking about knitting, of course, I have not stopped knitting with the Slub yarn, which since I got my hands on it its been on my needles and in the shop! So far I have made a cowl and im almost finished with my Cardigan, I just need arms, but I can’t decide if I should do them in slub or sock, or both. but either way way, I love knitting with it. I have a particular love for this squish as it holds very fond childhood memories for me, my mum would always knit me the most amazing jumpers and cardigans, they would have bobbles, cables, mohair and she would knit using Slub yarn. I still have one ball of the yarn in the slub that my mum had left over, Il have to show it to you! but needles to say, this yarn speaks to me .

something else that speaks to me is spots! I created this doubled up, reversible cowl maybe over two months ago, and I have been trying to find the space, in my ever changing weeks, to sit down and write it up. this will be a free pattern when its launched so I would love to do an Knit A Long and knit with you. This is a great project if you are new to colour work. The changing colour spots do a lot of work by creating visual interest whilst the simple spotty pattern is so easy to remember that you won’t need to look at the chart after a while. I will be on My instagram Stories and Il share some tips on how I make mind and bind them off on here, so you can knit at the pace you want and be able to access some help you know where to find it.

I am going to try a slub version and see if I can get any success with getting the sock to stand out from the slub, il see, it does sound fun.

Il keep you posted, I can wait to get my Spotty knitting on!


Things have been changing a lot in the shop lately too, mostly motivated by my constant focus of being a mum and putting my health higher up on my list of priorities. I have been working towards a quieter life, and by quieter I mean, having focused time to spend with my girls and as a family and taking better care of my physical self. I think most of use could do with someone who tells us to go to bed on time, slow down, and sometimes just do nothing, just to allow your mind and body to recover and rest. so i’m trying to do more of that whilst having really focused working sessions so that I can work hard and rest in equal measures.

I have been working full time as a yarn dyer for 3 years, and to say it has been the biggest rollercoaster of life is an understatement, especially as I did this when my girls were 3 and 1 years old and id just recovered from a pretty nasty car accident which left me with a broken back amongst other things, so it has been a steep learning curve. However, looking back, if you were to ask me was it a good idea to decide to leave your steady , at the time, job of my dreams, to work full-time for myself with a baby and a toddler at home, in the middle of nowhere with no help……… id probably say it was the best time. It really forced me to look at myself constantly, as all the decisions I made were directly felt in my home, which means when my runaway yarn business became to big for me my health really took a nose dive. Even that, was worth it. I have learned a tremendous amount about change, and how to embrace and even create it rather than fear it.

Things have changed so much and this year has been so different. Every week we change parts of the house. The Squish business, when it first began, took up a few shelves and I had a few gas burning stoves. now it takes up three rooms of my house, which I share with my family. Lately, along with always embracing change, I have been swept away with routines, Miracle mornings and organising.

Time is something you would always hear me complain about, there was never enough. I had to get very honest with myself and look at areas of my life that I could streamline, organise, create a system so that I was more effective with the time I had. this has helped me so much! I also am going to getting back on with my miracle morning habit next week. if your looking for a good way to start your day and feel like your a bit frazzled by your day and what it asks of you, you may want to read about the Miracle morning.

Before I ended up catching something and going down with the lurgy last week, I was so excited that I was sticking to my ideal day routine. wake at 5am, get outside and run for ten minutes in my garden (if you asked last year about exercise I would have told you I had no time) and then I shower and do some knitting reading, or I write in my journal so that I can get all those thoughts out of my head, and we all know I have a lot of thoughts about yarn! hehehe! and I could do it all in peace and quiet, something that is very rare in this house. It feels like im having a magic start to my day.

I guess I am always looking at where I can be more present in what I am doing rather than feeling like time is running away with me. Its always a work in progress but Il keep you posted on how I get on.

I guess all this stuff effects yarn in big ways as Squish and my family go side by side.

So back to the Shop, I have thought a lot about what’s next for me and what kind of Yarn dyer I would like to be, how I would like squishers to be able to access my squish and what can I do to inspire you to make things you may not have tried before. One of the things that made sense is that as I wanted to create almost like a permanent collection, like an anchor point, that I could pull from when I am mixing colours for all my future projects as I have so many colours I created a range of totals and speckled yarns that will always be in the shop. I will always be using these in my knitting as these colours will compliment my more adventurous yarns.

Everything has been divided up into sections to make it easier to find the squish your after, so kits and minis have their own space as does the new the new Slub base.

Updates will be more frequent and I won’t be forecasting dates, I will just be updating the shop frequently and will be including 50gram updates, which I am so excited about, as I was able to offer these a while ago and they were a huge success. so watch out for these in some one off packs and they are now also listed as an option for my staple yarn collection, making it easier if you only need half a skein for you project.

Il be keeping in touch with you via my Newsletter, my Squish mail, more frequently to just chat, because there’s so many things to talk about, not just shop updates, so if you would like to hear from me you can sign up to may mailing list.

well I guess I have rambled on for quite enough time, have a fabulous weekend and I hope you have lots of crafting time.